Teen Art Out 61 - Personal Jesus

Teen Art Out 61 - Personal Jesus Reach out and touch faith! With this issue we tackle what Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus has to say, looking at the people, figures, or concepts we idolise. We look at it from a personal point of view, thinking about what makes it so. It became a discussion about what gives us hope and what makes us better. For some, it's actual religion. For others, it's about the relationships they have. In a strange turn, someone even argues that Advertising is 'the only faith of a secularized consumer society'. We present you with our thoughts and findings and let you figure it all out for yourself. As for the interviews, we chat with the lovely Manuela Kraller about what she has been up to these last years and what her musical future entails. We also have a deep and interesting discussion with Dash Cooper about his band CO-OP.