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Teen Art Out 42 - Journeyman - For people like us, traveling is a reason to live. This issue is a celebration of the world and a reflection of everything we've been through, of everything that had to work to get us to see the places we've seen. We look at what we've learned and are thankful for it. Last but not least, we invite you to join us in worldwide travel and to share your stories. Obviously, we brought you cool interviews from both Charlotte Wessels of Delain and Lauri Porra of Stratovarius

Teen Art Out 41 - Heaven's a Lie - An issue inspired by Lacuna Coil's song, in which we explore what it is that people seek in heaven, imagining it, creating it, and wishing for it. Can we be confined into our ideas and not try to impose them on other people? Because, after all, heaven can be so many things, people, or places. The issue also features interviews with Carla's Dreams and Anneke van Giersbergen

Teen Art Out 40 - In My Mind - An issue inspired by Amanda Palmer's song makes us reflect about the wonders within out minds, who we are and what makes us so. Sometimes things get in the way of who we want to be and sometimes we don't really want to be who we think we want to be. It also features interviews with Marcela Bovio, Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum, and Jan Rechberger of Amorphis